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NIH OAR Data Hub: NIH HIV Awards by Organization and Investigator

The NIH OAR Data Hub leverages and synthesizes publicly available data about the NIH HIV research portfolio to promote greater understanding of this research and to enable researchers to identify awards relevant to their specific interests. Find definitions of commonly used terms and resources to help navigate the data hub on this webpage.

Use the dashboard below to explore recent NIH HIV awards by HIV research priority, HIV research objective, organization, and investigator.

Caption: The dashboard “NIH HIV Awards by Organization or Investigator” displays the HIV research portfolio. The dashboard displays the number of awards for each HIV research priority, for each HIV research objective, for each organization, and for each investigator. The view can be filtered by fiscal year, research priority, research objective, organization, and investigator. The user can conduct a text search for project titles, organizations, and investigators. There is one filter applied by default, to display the one most recent fiscal year of data.

This page last reviewed on June 22, 2023