Carlo Johnson

Carlo JohnsonCarlo D. Johnson, Senior Budget Advisor, joined the Office of Aids Research in 2019, by way of the Department of Energy’s Chief Financial Office. He has a wide range of knowledge pertaining to Acquisitions, Cost Analysis, Budget Execution, Budget Formulation, Data Analytics, Accounting, and Project Management. He has spent his career shaping smart business arrangements and provided expert guidance on the policies underpinning the Department of Energy’s investments, including the economic focus of those activities. He is an expert in financial risk and can display extensive knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles coupled with the Defense Information System’s budgetary regulations and practices. He took on contract administration, audits, and payments to promote the Defense Contract Management Agency’s learning and results agenda by monitoring trends and sharing lessons learned and best practices internally, and internationally. He brings energy and innovativeness to team leading responsibilities, and executes the agency’s mission, with sufficient dexterity. He is diligent, organized, and determined with a willingness to take on any opportunity to apply his skills, as well as develop plans of action, using communication, negotiation, and coalition-building, to create an organizational environment that is responsive to change, while remaining true to its purpose and tradition.

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